Authorization in the system

The system Xitex WebContent M1 works in the environment of the Internet browser. You should launch it before you start to work with the system.

Besides, you should inquire your administrator about the address of the initial entry in the system.

  1. To enter please go to this address in the browser.
  2. In the opened window of the authorization you should enter your login and password.
    Login is your system nickname, under which you are known for other users of the system.
    Password is any combination of symbols.
    These attributes were appointed for you by your system administrator or web site administrator. If you do not know these data before beginning of works, you should contact with your administrator.
  3. SSL-secure — a mark concerning switching of confidential information connection via Internet.
  4. After input of login and password the system interface will be opened on the screen and it will be in accordance with your users attributes.

Tabs are to open in the main window of the system:

Administration Common tuning of the system, web site structure, another tasks of web site management.
Messages Serves for the local exchange of user and system messages.
Site Includes the whole tool set for web site creation and management. Depending on rights the number of menu on the tab can be different for each user.
Users Tab for administration of users and groups working on web site. By means of it there is a possibility to register users in the system, open access to certain resources of web site. Only users with appropriate rights have access to this tab.
Resources Enables to manage all resources created out of the system.
Profile Assigned for editing of data by user.
Help For operative solving of difficulties occurred during the work of the system.

If you choose a tab, the system opens the window of this tab. Each tab has its design, depending on tasks performed within it.