System settings

  1. System settings assignment.

    If you are system administrator, you can to assign or change system settings.
  2. Open the menu System settings on the tab Administration.
  3. Enter system settings:
    • Language — selection of interface language for Xitex WebContent M1 users. By creating of the user in the system this language will be set at default.
    • Skin — common design variants of interface windows and system menus.
    • SMTP host — domain name or IP address of the post server.
    • SMTP port — the number of the post server port.
    • Max number of cache elements — dimensions of the system cache. The system cache accelerates the work of the system, but its extension reduces the free space of the RAM on the system server.
    • Number of connections with data base — max number of simultaneous opened connections between the system and data base.
    • Waiting time for blocked page in milliseconds — in this period there is no access to the page blocked by realization of the editing process.
    • Quantity of stored versions of document — number of stored document versions (for page, template) that are accessible to preview and bring back.
  4. In this window you can to install additional modules or to delete unusable modules. Click Modules
  5. In the line Modules installation enter the address of installed module. Click Search to look for the file.
  6. Click Install. System jump to installation window with the module name and description.
  7. Click Installation, the module will be installed in the system.
  8. For removal of unusable module distinguish it and click Delete
  9. After entering and actions click ÎÊ.