Site settings

You have an opportunity to change web site parameters if you are administrator of the web-site:
  1. Select the menu Site settings on the tab Administration.
  2. Enter site settings:
    • Site name — pseudonym of web site, destined only for the internal operating within the system;
    • SMTP host — domain name or IP-address of the mail server.
    • SMTP port — port number of the mail server.
    • SMTP authentication — a mark is entered in the presence of the authentification on your post server.
    • SMTP login — a login that the system use during authentification on post server.
    • SMTP password — a password that the system use during authentification on post server.
    • Duplicate system messages to E-mail — sending of automatic system messages to users within the system as well as to address given in the tab Profile.
    • Use SSL for protected realms — visitors access to protected realms in regime of confidential information exchange only.
  3. You can to create or change the list of users having the different type of access to the root section of web site in the same menu. Click ... in the line Change rights to the root partition of the site.
  4. The table with users list will appear on the screen, the same as during the rights assignment for any section.
  5. In order to define the set of web-site's language realizations please press the button ... Web-site's language realizations. The system will go to the window where language realizations to be set.
  6. The main language of web-site is named in the window as well as the list of language realizations. In order to add the language realization please select the name of this language in the line Add the realization. Then press the button Add . The realization will appear in the list.
  7. In order to delete the unused realization (if there are no pages and templates in this language), please set the mark in its line. Then press the button Delete .
  8. After assignment of the whole set of language realizations please press OK. The system will return to the window with web-site's parameters.
  9. If assignment of parameters as well as other actions is completed, you can finish the setting of parameters pressing ÎÊ.