Receipt of the statistics

  1. Open the menu Statistic on the tab Administration.
  2. Determine the period for which it is necessary to receive the statistical information:
    • Period start date
    • Period end date
  3. In order to receive information concerning the version of browser using which the reference to web site was performed you should place a mark in the line Allow for browser version.
  4. The time when visitors were on web site should be determined in the same window. It is measured on average for the assessed period. The format: hours - minutes - seconds.
  5. If there is a necessity to determine the time when user reviews pages you could place the mark in the line Allow for page viewing time.
  6. You can also limit the lines number at each statistical table. The desirable lines number should be entered in the line Number of lines per table.
  7. You click View, consistently placed tables with information on each type of statistical data appear in the review window. There is a name of the statistical information type above each table. There are three columns in tables:
    • Description — the brief description of the type of the statistical information.
    • Requests — the number of requests on this type of statistics.
    • % — percentage of requests number in the table line to the total number of requests.

    The statistical information is grouped on such types of requests:
    • on pages visited on web site;
    • on sections of web-site;
    • on the type of browsers used by visitors;
    • on operational systems of visitors;
    • on languages selected by visitors of pages;
    • on proxy servers;
    • on IP-addresses of visitors.

    Below the review window of the statistical information data on time parameters of visits are shown.
  8. If you need more set of parameters of statistical analysis click More. Every additional line has explanatory inscription with the time of analysis period.