System action log

There is an action log within the Xitex WebContent M1 system.

This log empower system administrators and web-site administrators look through the information in accordance with actions, performed by users during a definite time period.
System administrators can look all operations through regarding system settings, and web-site administrators can look through all operations on their web sites

In order to get this information you have to open Log menu on tab Administration.

All operations will be displayed within the log table, which were carried out on one of web-sites or within the system. It depends on if you are considered to be administrator of a site or a system.

Log columns:
  • Data — time period of performance of an operation.
  • User — name and surname of a user.
  • Event — succeeded action.

You can apply a filtering in order to limit a number of loggings within the table. To carry it on you have enter a definite time period or one of users or action type into the corresponding field.
Then click button ON, if it was in OFF position.
You can use the button Update.

Should you want to delete loggings out of the system, which are displayed in the table at the moment, click button Clear log.