Creation of the list of guests of the protected area

If on web-site there is a protected area with the limited access for visitors, then you should compose the list of authorized guests of this area.

For making up a list there is menu Guests on the tab Users.
Toolbar of the menu Guests:

Add — addition of the new user to the list.
Edit — correction of guest's attributes.
Delete — removal of one or some marked users.

In the line Enable the placed mark means that the user has the right to enter the protected area. After this mark is removed, the visitor will be prohibited to enter the protected area of web-site.

After infill of all attributes please press OK.
This guest will be added to the list of users of the web-site's protected area.

For removal of the user from the list please place the mark in its line and press the button Delete.

For correction of user's attributes there is a button Edit. Changes of user's attributes are made in the same way as by the entry of attributes of the new user.