Modules creation

For creation of modules there is a special menu Modules on the tab Site. On this tab you can create some modules for your web site. The modules may be inserted in templates during its creation.

Toolbar of the menu Modules:

Add — creation and formation of a new module.
Editing — editing of parameters of the created module.
Data — scanning of datas that became as work-out of module.
Delete — removal of the earlier created module from the system

For creation of a new module:
  1. Click on the button Add.
  2. In the field Module type you should select the required module type from the offered list. The selection of each type is followed by the brief description of the module, in the field Description.
  3. Click OK. The system goes directly to the creation of the module.
  4. Creation of modules is described in following materials.
You can create any number of modules by the same type. Some modules of the same type may be with different parameters and attributes. For example the system has some types of modules for creation of menus. They are modules with various automatization level, with some kinds of execution order. You can create modules both with different types and different parameters.