Message exchange

For internal message exchange there is a special tab Messages in the system.

In the system Xitex WebContent M1 messages can be of two types.
  • System messages
    These are messages generated by the system in the automatic regime. You can not change the standard text of the message here. The system merges the information into the text about the object on its own.
  • User messages
    Such message can be created and sent only by the system user.
There are two menus on the tab Messages:
  • Incoming
  • Sent
There is a list of messages in the form of the table on both menus. Below there is a window with a text message, the author is marked there by means of the red color.

Toolbar of the menu Incoming and Sent:

Create — creation and sending of the message to any system user.
Delete — removal of one or several marked messages.

For sending of the message::
  1. Click on the button Create.
  2. Mark the line with addressee in the upper part.
  3. If he belongs to any group, then state its name.
  4. Lower enter the subject and the text of the message.
  5. Click Send, the message will be forwarded to the given addressee.
The sent message appears in the table of the addressee Incoming. System messages will be also placed in the table Incoming.

In the list of messages there are columns with their attributes. In the column Status one of two message types are defined: System message and User message. Then there are columns where the author of each message, subject of this message, date and time of receipt are named here. Lines with unread messages are marked by means of the bold font.

The menu Sent differs from Incoming only in the following: here messages sent, but unread by the addressee are marked by means op the bold font.