Edit attributes

In the forming of web site structure there can be the need to change attributes of already created sections. Mark it in the list of the menu Sections and click Edit attributes.

The attribute window will appear the same as during section creating. In the appropriate line do all needed modifications. Then press the button OK in order to store changes or Cancel to exit into the menu Sections without changes.

Key Language realizations of the section serves for assignment of the set of its language realizations:
  1. After its pressing, the system goes to the window for assignment of the set of language realizations for a section.
  2. In order to add the language realization, in the upper part you should select one of web-site's languages and enter the section's name in this language in the line near it.
  3. Press the button Add .
  4. In order to delete the not required language realization you should mark it in the list and press the button Delete .


Delete sections

For removal of single or several sections from the created structure tick off them on the list of the menu Sections. Click Delete.

The system will ask you to confirm the removal of selected sections. After confirmation selected sections will be deleted from the structure of web site.

You should be careful at this action, as it is impossible to restore deleted sections.


See also: creating of sections