Menu Tree

If there are many pages it will be difficult to work with them, usage of filtration does not always help. The work will be more convenient and more productive if you use the special menu Tree. To the left there is a structure of web site in the form of so called “tree”.

You can mark one of the sections or subsections of the “tree” by means of the red color. At that, the list of pages (if they exist) belonging to the marked section appears in the table placed to the right. You can perform any actions with the selected page. For it there is a full toolbar.

Toolbar of the menu Tree:

— creating of new page.
— editing of the page in visual editor.
— view and edit attributes of the page.
— view of the marked page in the browser.
— procedure of copying and/or displacement of pages.
— view of previous page versions.
— rights assignment concerning the access to the page.
— removal of the one or some pages.
— search of required pages in accordance with stated criteria.

In the columns of the table there is information about each page.

In addition to the status of the page, its name and author, there are also three additional columns. Publication and Unpublication — the date of the publication on web site and the end date of publication. Availability — page visibility on web site.