Menu Search

In order to search for a certain page you can use the menu Search. Search is performed on some key parameters. After selection of the menu Search or after pressing the button Search in other menus the search window will appear.

The window is composed of lines with fields for entry of key parameters. Below there is a table wit results of the search.

As conditions you can set following parameters for the search:
  • With ALL words. You can enter the group of words. All pages containing these words will be found (equivalent of the operation “and”).
  • With ONE of this words. You can enter the group of words if pages containing at least one of these words have to be found (equivalent of the operation “or”).
  • Without FOLLOWING words. If you want to find pages without certain words, then you should enter such words in this field (equivalent of the operation “exclusive or”). This kind of search goes only together with one of other condition.
  • With an EXPRESSION. You can enter word combination, and pages containing this expression will be found.
  • Publication date. If you are interested in pages published at the certain time period, then you should enter the begin and end date of the period.
After infill of fields please press the button Search. It is necessary to take into account that search is retrieved only within textual information that was put in the being edited areas of pages.

Result of the search will be placed in the table. Direct in this window you can perform any required actions with pages.

There are some buttons for carrying out of actions: Delete, Edit, Edit attributes, Preview, Versions.
These actions with pages are carried out in the regular way.