M1.SmartMenu module

Web site menu can be created with using of HTML language. For that way is assigned the module M1.SmartMenu.

After entering into the module creation procedure, you have to choose module type of "M1.WizardMenu" in the list.

Attributes entry

  • Module name — name of creating module.
  • Input data — information as for the structure of being made menu.
  • Resource — search of the resource within the sections of the web-site.
  • Number of represented levels — quantity of levels, which are displayed in the menu. It should be assigned after HTML code was made.
  • Unfold the displayed levels — upon putting this mark, all levels, which where determined within the previous parameter, will be displayed permanently.

Menu structure building

Entry in the Input data field is realized as follows.
  1. Click Change. The window for menu structure building is to be displayed.
  2. Please highlight at the left column Web-site-tree required section, where is an object for connection with menu element.
  3. In the right column Selected elements the list of elements is made.
  4. Mark the corresponding object in the middle column and push the button . The Address of the object will be placed in the right column of menu elements.
  5. If necessary you can remove any element out of the list, you only have to mark it and click .
  6. After having created the list of elements, click OK.

Insertion of pictures and other resources in script.

  1. In order to insert in script the attributes of resource from the section of a web-site, click Resource.
  2. On the left in the «site tree» please highlight the resource.
  3. You can see its image on the right.
  4. In order to enlarge the image please point the mark at Fit image.
  5. Having chosen it, click OK

Entry of HTML code for menu display

  1. In a field Block of smart menu you have to enter general HTML code for menu display. The content of the code depends on the form and design of each menu element.
  2. Then you can determine style of display of levels and separate menu element.
  3. At first, you have to determine total number of menu levels. In the field under the title Level 1 you have to add corresponding levels.
  4. For that you have to click on Add. A new level will appear in the list. To delete unnecessary level you can with the help of Óäàëèòü.
  5. In order to enter codes for the style of definite menu level, you have to extract this level in the list of levels. Then the bottom four levels of fields are to be entered: the first of them determine the style of the whole level display, the rest three determine the styles of menu elements depending on activity of the menu element on a web-site.
  6. Tags <item/> and <link/> are used by the system. Instead of them upon menu display, the system present definite names of elements and references.
  7. When all fields are entered click OK.

See also: Modules in Xitex WebContent M1, M1.SmartNewsline module