Modules in Xitex WebContent M1

We offer you a standard set of modules. Please see the whole list of standard and optional modules available.
The usage of these modules will create an opportunity to fully automotize your site.

The modules may be transofm very flexible during its creation.

Full-featured set of modules:

M1.WizardMenu — creating automatically renewed extended navigation systems by means of the master.
M1.Menu — creating automatically renewing extended navigation systems.
M1.SmartMenu — creation of web site menu using HTML-coding.
M1.SpeedSearch — allows search of web-site pages information by key words.
M1.Breadcrumbs — indicating the current position of the visitor at the web-site.
M1.NewsLine — for automatically renewing newslines using the material of pages.
M1.SmartNewsline — a newsline can be created with HTML-coding.
M1.Header — representing parameters of the page: title, author's name or publication date.
M1.Multilingual — instant switch over to numerous languages most appropriate for the visitors of the web-site.
M1.Calendar — showing information about news on web-site in the calendar form.
M1.ImageGallery — allows to view images in the form of the gallery.
M1.BannerManager — adding banner of the prescribed banner system which will be arranged on web-site pages.
M1.Rotation — representing the casual banner of the banner system; rotation on the page.
M1.Feedback — enabling messages from web-site visitors to specific representative of the company.
M1.FormMaster — creating questionnaire that can be filled out by the web-site visitors.
M1.Voting — for on-line voting for purposeful questioning of web-site visitors.
M1.Forum — creating forums for information exchange between web-site visitors.
M1.PrintVersion — re-arranging web-site page for more appropriate for printing format.
M1.SendToFriend — sending the pleased page of the web-site or the link to this page via e-mail.
M1.Subscribe — enables mail delivery for subscribed visitors to keep updated of news/notices/postings.