Ì1.Newsline module

Module Ì1.Newsline presents component "newsline" on the web-site. It has the conception analogous to module M1.Menu. Some deference is just in a format of data as for this module.

After the entrance in modules creation procedure please chose module type "M1.Newsline".

Entry of atributes

  • Name — name, which is meant for the module in the system.
  • Data — information as for menu structure (how to enter see below).
  • Newsline handler cript — script code for menu display on the page of the web-site.

Creation of newsline structure

Structure building is to be performed like on the module M1.Menu.
  1. Click Change. The window for menu structure building is to be displayed.
  2. The window consists of three parts.
    There is "site tree" from the left, list of the sections and subsections in the middle, which are to be considered the comprising parts of that section which is marked with red colour from the left. There is the list of sections, which determine the structure of newsline from the right. All pages of news of these sections will be placed into the newsline chronologically.
  3. Thus, you can chose each section for connection with newsline. Having marked the section in the middle part, you can bring it into the right part.
  4. Please highlight at the left column Site tree required section, where is an object for connection with newsline element.
  5. In the right column Selected elements the list of elements is made.
  6. Mark the corresponding object in the middle column and push the button . The Address of the object will be placed in the right column of menu elements.
  7. If necessary you can remove any element out of the list, you only have to mark it and click .
  8. After having created the list of elements, click OK.

Script building for newsline displaying.

Data of HTML code of the template on activating of module M1.Newsline: <Newsline element>::= <name>="["{<reference>,<text of an element>,<summary>,<reference for display>,<Date>[,]}"]"

  1. Newsline functions as follows: on activating of the module the system automatically - at space of a page marked by the user - insert data for newsline displaying and after it insert the scrip, which displays these data.
  2. Date - a date of news issue. In order to call an "newsline" element of upper level you should use tag <linename>.
  3. After all the fields are infilled click OK.

Insertion of pictures and other resources in script.

  1. In order to insert in script the attributes of resource from the section of a web-site, click Resource.
  2. On the left in the «site tree» please highlight the resource.
  3. You can see its image on the right.
  4. In order to enlarge the image please point the mark at Fit image.
  5. Having chosen it, click OK

See also: Modules in Xitex WebContent M1, M1.Menu module