M1.Calendar module

This module is meant for placement of the component - which looks like calendar for one month - on pages of the web-site. There are highlighted dates when news of one or several sections were published. A guest, having clicked chosen date, may look a newsline nearby the calendar. Every news may be opened by means of clicking a line with this news.

In order to create the module, chose the type of the module "M1.Calendar".

Lines to infill:
  • Module name — name of the present module.
  • Section name — sections, where are news for highlighting in the calendar.
  • Theme — style of the calendar displaying.
  • Language — language of inscriptions in the calendar.
  • Years range — period which is displayed in the calendar.
  • A week starts in Monday — first day in the calendar line.
  • Display week number — availability of the column of week number from the right.
  • Image at default — the picture for a news that has no image in its page attributes. For image selection please click "…".
  • Container style — these are attributes of the calendar placement.
  • Block of the resultsthe codes of newsline nearby the calendar.
  • Style of the calendardesign of elements of newsline.

Section choice

Dates of news in those sections will be highlighted in calendar:
  1. Click Change. The window for menu structure building is to be displayed.
  2. The window consists of three parts.
    There is "site tree" from the left, list of the sections and subsections in the middle, which are to be considered the comprising parts of that section which is marked with red colour from the left. There is the list of sections, which determine the structure of newsline from the right. All pages of news of these sections will be placed into the newsline chronologically.
  3. Thus, you can chose each section for connection with newsline. Having marked the section in the middle part, you can bring it into the right part.
  4. Please highlight at the left column Site tree required section, where is an object for connection with newsline element.
  5. In the right column Selected elements the list of elements is made.
  6. Mark the corresponding object in the middle column and push the button . The Address of the object will be placed in the right column of menu elements.
  7. If necessary you can remove any element out of the list, you only have to mark it and click .
  8. After having created the list of elements, click OK.
During the Theme selection you can edit the CSS codes of the current displaying style. Please click " … " and you'll see the text of CSS codes. You may realize any correction in the text. Then click OK.
Having filled all fields click ÎÊ.

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