With the help M1.ImageGallery you can place all photos, drawings, which are situated within one section in a gallery.

In order to build the module you are to chose module type "M1.Photogallery".

Lines for infill:
  • Module name — name of the present module.
  • Section — section name, within which there is gallery resources.
  • Thumbnail geometry (x/y) — width and height of each image in pixels
  • Thumbnail per horizontal/vertical — number of images within one line and number of lines.
  • Space between thumbnails horizontaly/verticaly — size of spare space between neighboring images and between rows presented in pixels.
  • Navigation position — if the picture hasn't get smaller on the page, the navigation line is to be displayed, namely above or below the gallery.
  • Thumbnail click action — possibility upon clicking with the indicator of the mouse on the image to display it in another window in full size.
  • View thumbnail description — by getting the indicator to the image, the name of the resource will be displayed.
  • Show bookmarks only — within the navigation line there is not marks >> or > .

Choice of section with paintings

  1. In order to chose the name of the section click "..."
  2. The window for section choice will be appeared at the screen.
  3. Please highlight a section on "site tree".
  4. ClickOK

Having filled in all fields in all lines click ÎÊ.

See also: Modules in Xitex WebContent M1