M1.Rotation module

You can place the banners with automatic change of banner elements on a web-site. Module M1.Rotation realize such an order of banners change.

Chose the type of module "M1. Rotation".

Here you have to enter the name of the current module in the field Name at request summary regarding module in field Description. Having filled in click ÎÊ, a new module will be done and added into the general list.

When the module have been built you can enter the data of banner elements displaying. For that:

  1. In the module list put the mark in its line and click Data.
  2. In the window of module editing please enter and edit data for element display.

Elements displaying on a web-site

For adding or editing of the elements there are instruments as follows:
  • Add — creation of an element of a new banner.
  • Delete — deletion of an element out of a module.
  • Edit — editing of data of element displaying.
  • Preview — review of element displaying.

Creation of a new element

A new element of the list is built as follows.

  1. Click Add.
  2. In the open window enter attributes and code of a new element:

    • Name — name of being built element.
    • Description — comments on this element.
    • Content — HTML-code of banner displaying.
    • Insert image — addition of image attributes into the code.
    • Available — possibility of element displaying on a web-site.
    • Click OK.
Having filled the element list click ÎÊ.

See also: Modules in Xitex WebContent M1