M1.FormMaster module

Module M1.FormMaster built questionnaire form of web-site guests, like in module M1.Feedback. However filled form cannot be sent to different addresses. Result information as for filled forms you can look through by means of button Data.

Chose module type "M1.FormMaster" in the list.

In line Module name enter the name of being built module.

Settings of output on a page

Questionnaire block - fields, within which you can write the code down for common design of being filled in questionnaire.

Questionnaire line - code fields for design of each HTML element, which is to be filled by questionnaire guest. An element may have specific type. You have to chose concrete element type, the code of which is to be filled in the right field.

HTML elements types:

  • Text — the text aligned in line middle.
  • Textfield — one line field for text enter.
  • Textarea — multi-lined field for text enter.
  • Checkbox — two-position switch.
  • Separator — elements separator.
  • Popupmenu — pulldown list for choice of single option out of the group.

Location and look of the button. At the last group, there are key parameters for delivery of the form by a guest. Design codes can be entered into the special field. For insertion into the codes of attributes of button image click Insert the resource "…". The window for the search of the required resource will be opened.
Having chosen the resource click ÎÊ.

Feedback form building

Process of form design is automatized:

  1. Clock Builder.
  2. The window for building of feedback is opened.
  3. Here the list HTML-elements description contains the enumeration of made elements of the form. On the right there are attributes of element which is highlighted in the list.
  4. For building within the list of a new element click Add.
  5. At that, the fields of attributes of being made elements are displayed.
  6. Content of attributes depends oò HTML-element type, being chosen within out-of-order list of line Chose HTLM-element.

Attributes of HTML - elements displaying

  • Hidden — visibility of an element in the feedback form.
  • Required — availability of the icon in the element line regarding obligation of its filling.
  • Class name — class for a style of this element design.
  • Text — the text, which is displayed within this element line.
  • Value — prompting contents, beforehand displayed within the field which is to be filled by the guest.
  • Max length — acceptable number of symbols, being entered by the visitor in line field of the element.
  • Rows — number of lines, displayed in entry field without apply of "rotation".
  • Cheked — a mark is put beforehand in the entry field.
  • List items — texts which are in the elements of pulldown list.
  • Item — entry of the text of the element.
For building of each pulldown list element enter the name of the element in line Element of the group and click Add. This element will be added into the list. You can edit each element having marked its name in the list. Edited version is registered by means of key change. In the same way Elements of the group are created. In order to delete an element out of the list highlight it and click delete. Shift of the list up and down is performed by means of keys.

You can perform different operations with listed elements. In order to modify the location of an element in the list you can shift it up - down by means of up or down. An order of elements display in the form correspond to their sequence order in the list. Look of each element you can preliminary look through by means of key Preview.

If all actions have been carried out, click ÎÊ.

See also: Modules in Xitex WebContent M1, M1.Feedback