M1.Voting module

For effective carrying out of marketing research you can organize guests forum on the web-site regarding different issues. And at that, the forum will be carried out online. That means that percentage of votes for and against as for this issue will be clear just in the process of forum. Module M1.Voting helps you to make holding of such online forums real. .

Start the module creation from the choice of module type "M1.Voting".

Lines entry:
  • Module name — name of being built module.
  • Appearance — image of an element for a voting.
  • List of questions and suggested answers is to be built buy means of key Builder.
  • The window for the entry of themes in the forum will be opened.

Entry of themes for inquiry

There is a list of issues for the voting from the left hand, and from the right - suggested answers for questions as regarding these issues.
  1. At first you have to add a theme for required questions.
  2. In order to do it click on left key Add.
  3. In the field for entry of requiring window enter theme name
  4. Click OK.
  5. When you clicked OK one more requiring window will appear.
  6. Enter the question in this field and click OK as well..
  7. Entered theme will appear in the left list.
  8. Delete unnecessary issue out of the list you can perform by means with a button Delete..
  9. Changing of the text of the question you can perform with the help of key Edit.

Entry of suggested variants of questions

  1. Please highlight one of the questions in the list.
  2. Enter suggested variants of answers.
  3. Entry of answers is to be carried out completely alike the entry of issue name.
  4. When you entered all issues and answers, click key ÎÊ.
The system will be back into the window of module creation . An image of voting will be displayed in the field Preview.

Making of voting design

You have to fill in the fields from the right hand in order to design inquiry image duly:

  • Distance between lines — space between inquiry lines presented in pixels.
  • Headline style — íàëè÷èå âûäåëåííîãî ñòèëÿ â çàãîëîâêå.
  • Heading font size — size of the font within the header of voting, presented in pixels.
  • Heading font color — color of inquiry header.
  • Font name — choice of font type of the text.
  • Font size — font size in the text presented in pixels.
  • Font color — font color in the text.
  • Link label — inscription for the display of all voting issues.
  • Link class — class for style of reference display.
  • Button type — field for code of the key image of the referendum. Click key "…" in order to add attributes of a resource.
Upon filling the field Font name in addition to hand entry of the font type you can enter ready sets. To perform it click "ABC" and chose the line with required newsline. In each line with the exception of the first font type there are alternative, similar fonts. If there is no the first one from fonts of the line in your computer, the system will chose the next one within alternatives.

In order to see, how being made inquiry will be built click Preview.

Peculiarities of module operation

There is displayed the forum as for the last of added issues on the web-site at the place of module place. The guest can express its opinion as for the question of this issue on clicking the key for voting.

A visitor can look all the voting issues by clicking on the link of issues displaying. Within this list every line is a link, visitor clicks on it and can realize a voting on the matter of the voting question.

After all operations are performed click ÎÊ.

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