Ì1.PrintVersion module

With this module Ì1.PrintVersion the guest can get the printing of editable region of current page.

Chose module type "M1.Release for printing".

Lines for fields to be entered:

  • Module name — name of being built module.
  • Names of regions — names of being edited sections.
  • Visualization template — template of page release for printing.

Explanation as for entry fields.

In field Names of regions you are to enter the names of editable regions, which are be printed, and which is defined in the template of this page.

Information which is to be printed can have a design, which differs from that was set in a page template. So within field Visualization template you can set any template, including made specially for printing.

For arrangement of displaying of the component "Print Version" on the web site please enter necessary codes in field Block style version for printing.

In order to resource searching:

  1. In field Insert resource click "...".
  2. A window for resource searching will be opened.
  3. Highlight selected resource in site tree.
  4. Click OK

In order to look through the presume image of component "release for printing" click key Preview.

Having entered all fields, click ÎÊ.

See also: Modules in Xitex WebContent M1