Ì1.Subscribe module

For visitors you can arrange the subscription for last publications of news and other information. Module M1.Subscribe.

In order to built the module chose module type "M1.Subscribe".

Entry of tunings of module M1.Subscribe.

On the top part of the window there are fields for general settings of module and subscribe settings:
  • Module name — name of being made module.
  • Form width — size of the component for a web-site, presented in pixels.
  • Distance between blocks — height of each line of the table, presented in pixels.
  • Border color — color of table border-lines.
  • Reply-to address — return address in mailing messages.
  • Subscribe subject — text, which is in line "subject" of mailing messages.
Hereinafter in order to chose and define the color click Color. Chose a required color within appeared web colors palette. Perhaps, you need the color which is not in the palette. Then you can enter its code just in the field which is to the left of the key Color.

Settings of separate parts of the module

In the window's bottom part are tunings of separate parts of the mailing component. In the beginning chose the section to be filled within line Private.

"Themes" settings.

  • Show posting themes — displaying of the line with the subscribe theme.
  • Text style — text format, which is to considered general or emphasis one.
  • Font — type of text font.
  • Font size — presented in units of MS Word editor.
  • Font color — color of the text.
  • Background color — color of the background.
Upon filling the field Font in addition to hand entrance of the font type you can select a font ready to use. For it you have to click "ABC"and chose the line with required font. In each line with the first font type there are alternative similar fonts. If you have not the first font in your computer, the system will chose the next one within alternatives.

To define a list of subscribe themes:

  1. Click Links.
  2. The window contains three table columns, with the help of which you could comprise subject list of mailing.
  3. In order to add a new theme clickAdd.
  4. In window User prompt input a subject name.
  5. Editing of the theme name can be carried out by means of key Edit, removal of unnecessary themes you can perform with the help of key Delete.
  6. In the middle column Sections list highlight defined section as for this subject.
  7. In the right column Selected sections you can make a sections list with a button .
  8. Any section can be deleted out of the right list, in order to manage highlight it and click .
  9. Having filled the list click ÎÊ.

Tunings of the "title"

  • Show the headline — displaying of the title of the present subject.
  • Title text — field of entrance of the title text.
  • Text style — text format, which is considered to be general or extracted.
  • Font — type of the text font.
  • Font size — presented in the units of MS Word.
  • Font color — colors in the text.
  • Background color — colors in the background.

Tunings of "subscribe"

An image of this part is defined by HTML - code, which you can enter into the Input field and button.

You can put not a big hint in the field for address entrance for guests, for example, "Enter address".

In order to resource insertion:

  1. Click "...".
  2. A window for resource searching will be opened.
  3. Highlight selected resource in site tree.
  4. Click OK

In order to look through the presume image of component "release for printing" click key Preview.

Having entered all fields, click ÎÊ.

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