Publication of pages on web site

In the view of your company the created page of web site is its in-house document. Evidently your editor should review and approve it. For that finished document is sent to partition editor as the ready for examination.

It is performed in such way.
  1. By the exit from the editing procedure, please select the action Ready to approval.
  2. Then the system sends the message to the editor of the same section where the page will be placed. If there is no editor of the section where the page will be placed, the message will be send to the administrator.
  3. May be few editors who work with a section. In that case, the system offers to select whom the message about readiness of the page will be sent to.
  4. In the list offered by the system please mark whom the message will be addressed to.
  5. The message to the editor contains such text: “Page needs to be approved”. There also: a line Name with page address in web-site, a line Language with page language name.
  6. The page now has the status Wait for approval in the list of pages.
  7. In the message sended to editor there is an invitation "go to the page" for his decision.
  8. Editor goes to the page and may to open edited areas by means of the button Edit.
  9. After examination he reaches the decision about next actions with page. He can correct it himself and then to publish it (see down i. 16).
  10. If there are any critical mistakes, he can decline it. For that he click on the button Need to be corrected in the right upper corner.
  11. The status of the page will be changed to Declined.
  12. The system message: The current page requires revision: (title of the page) will be sent to you. In order to explain his rebukes the editor can send you a message.
  13. Then you perform the required correction.
  14. After you completed the correction, please select already named exit variant from the editing procedure: The current page is ready for approval.
  15. The repeated editor examination procedure will take place, it is similar to the one stated above.
  16. Finally, if the editor has no rebukes concerning the page, he press in the visual editor the button Publish page on site.
  17. The page receives the status Published. It removes a ban, and the page will be seen on web site. By any other status the page can not be seen for visitors of web site.

In order to make the page visible:
  1. Enter a mark in its line.
  2. Click on the button Attributes.
  3. In the window of page attributes place a mark in the line Availability.
  4. Click OK, and the system makes so that the page will be visible for visitors of web site.
When needed you can make it temporally inaccessible for visitors or visible again, depending upon current circumstances.