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Standard Edition vs Professional Edition

The main difference of Standard Edition from Professional Edition is in their functionality. If you need a full-featured CMS with all contemporary functions then Xitex WebContent M1 Professional Edition is designed just for your needs.

In case, you do not want to spend much on your web site and you are fully satisfied with nice and simple web site, everything you need is Xitex WebContent M1 Standard Edition.

This lite version allows you to create and maintain your site with no limitations. Also it encapsulates the opportunity to create pretty automated menus you wish. You'll be able to make on your main page the rollover of the latest news in a user-friendly mode. Moreover, with Xitex WebContent M1 Standard Edition, you are granted by opportunity to post some articles' attributes somewhere you want on the page.

For other automated highly-useful features (e.g. site search possibility, sites' multi language support, image gallery support, banner manager, automated forum and many other interesting things) you’ll need to buy a Xitex WebContent M1 Professional Edition.

General Features




Site management & architecture

Site maintenance

Pages limit





1 - ~

1 - ~

Multisite support

Addressable (friendly) URLs

Different database support

Different OS support

Site backup/rollback

Framework & Interface

Use of design templates

Multi-language interface

Changeable skins

CSS support





Direct edit

Main WYSIWYG editor M1 Word (MS IE only)

Additional WYSIWYG editor (Java based, for all browsers)

HTML editor

Template editor

Import of Macromedia Dreamweaver templates

Links management

Media upload

Context sensitive help

Users' manuals

Content Management

Lock of page being edited

Temporal hide of content

Publication and expiration date scheduling

Easy page copy/move functions

Page versioning/rollback

Templates versioning/rollback

Quick page/template preview

Quick page/template search

Image, document and rich media library

404 page (error page) support


Users and groups management



User validity period/temporary disabling



Configurable users' permissions



Extranet (member zones)

Basic and comprehensive web-site statistics

Statistics of steps of all users in the system

SSL Protection for system

SSL Protection for extranet

Advanced features

Integrated message system



Integrated help system

Status bar

Page filtering for quick access

Module programming interface

Ability to do custom development (API support)

* Note, that in case of purchase of Standard Edition with 1 user license these features (with a logical necessity) become disabled automatically.

Automation of the web site




Site navigation

Dynamic site menus by wizard

General dynamic site menu

Advanced dynamic site menu

Site search system

Navigating system "Breadcrumbs"

Site interface components

Multi-language site support

Automatic page headers

News rollover with script code

General news rollover with HTML code

Encapsulated calendar

Possibility of image gallery creation

Site information exchange

Integration of automatic Feedback/Contact Us forms

Advanced forum

Banner manager

Text/image/banner automatic rotation

The possibility of automatic voting

Pages printing and mailing

Making a print version of page

Opportunity to make a "send to friend" link

Newsletter, etc. subscription system

Discover functionality of web content management system Xitex WebContent M1 on-line.
Experience the whole functionality of Xitex WebContent M1. For Win, Mac, Linux, Unix, Solaris.
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