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December 1, 2004

For those who are looking for reliable solution for their site content management but have limited needs for the website (up to 10 pages) XITEX Software presents new opportunity, Xitex WebContent M1 Start!.

Xitex WebContent M1 Start! is a freeware product based fully on the Xitex WebContent M1 PE platform. However, it lacks Forum and serves 10 pages and 3 users only. All other features are fully accessible for unlimited usage.

The freeware Xitex WebContent M1 Start! has been especially for companies and users who have limited resources and do not wish to purchase anything, though they are in need of a robust and easy solution. For now no registration, fees etc. required. You just download the freeware, install it and enjoy the professional look of your website.

Any time you wish to purchase the commercial version you should only reinstall the software. You’ll certainly be able to continue your existing website management.

So, to pay or not to pay? It’s your decision.

Discover functionality of web content management system Xitex WebContent M1 on-line.
Experience the whole functionality of Xitex WebContent M1. For Win, Mac, Linux, Unix, Solaris.
Become our partner now and obtain a Xitex WebContent M1 license free of charge for your professional use.
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