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Small is beautiful - CMS for SMEs

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September 20, 2004

Content management is a key for any small business looking to manage its e-business efficiently and costs effectively.

Recent CMS trends signal particularly good things for the small enterprises looking to enhance (or establish) their Web presence. You don't need to have a six-figure Web budget to run a good website.  Low budget companies can enjoy systems that rival the best money can buy today.

There are a lot of proposals in CMS market - Interwoven, Documentum Inc., BroadVision Inc., FileNET Corp., Macromedia Inc. these are only the top of iceberg.

Recently XITEX Software announced its new release of Xitex WebContent M1 Standard Edition.

Xitex WebContent-M1 Standard Edition targets small and medium companies in need of advanced and cost effective solutions for Internet, extranet and intranet. Standard Edition is a competitive and price favorable alternative to traditional WCM solutions.

The overriding goal of M1 is to separate site content from site design. It lets editors and writers with no HTML expertise publish sturdy sites.

Among the niceties it provides:

  • Workflow coordination
    to get the raw material of articles, photos and other content into the system;
  • Permissions-based updating
    to let users with different levels of authority update a site to varying degrees;
  • Built-in template editor along with Macromedia Dreamweaver support;
  • Pages/Site versioning tool;
  • Repository of archived material;
  • Statistics
    to provide feedback on how frequently and in what order users view given pages;

Get a powerful CMS for 255 USD only!

Dicover more about Xitex WebContent M1 Standard Edition via Tour and Demo or visit our Forum where perhaps you can help others seeking CMS advice.

About XITEX Software:
XITEX Software is an international developer of e-Business solutions. XITEX specializes in providing a unique and powerful CMS, enabling organizations to achieve maximum impact and exposure from their content.

About Xitex WebContent M1:
Xitex WebContent M1 is a powerful web content management system for small to mid-sized companies and organizations allowing you to manage your entire web site online any time required.

Discover functionality of web content management system Xitex WebContent M1 on-line.
Experience the whole functionality of Xitex WebContent M1. For Win, Mac, Linux, Unix, Solaris.
Become our partner now and obtain a Xitex WebContent M1 license free of charge for your professional use.
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