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Is your e-Business in business?

Web services are making new inroads into e-commerce. More and more companies from different businesses think of online marketplace solution and look for a system that could enable them to grow their presence online and minimize IT costs.

With the advent of portals and integrated applications, customers have developed new expectations around "customer service"—instantaneous data access, real-time payment and shipping capabilities, 24/7/365 availability and lightning fast response rates. This level of demand and interaction not only moves the customer extremely close to the IT department, but often positions IT as the only interface between the customer and the business. In this environment, outages and delays affect the company's bottom line instantly—and the effect can be devastating.

Initially, most of the companies start with a homegrown solution to enhance its "bricks and clicks" strategy. However, such a solutions make no good showing, are inflexible and provide no centralized business-level reporting or control. And the biggest disadvantage of such approach is that it takes too much internal resources to build homegrown application.

Nowadays CRM and WCM industries offer a lot of solutions for small and medium businesses. You just have to choose an application that meet your requirement and satisfy your business needs.

When home appliance and electronics retailer ISD Technics Inc. sought out an online marketplace retailing solution, it turned to XITEX Software.

As a result, "we've seen a dramatic increase in sales since we've been working with their tool," said John Intriago, director of e-commerce for ISD Technics.

So, the SME keep on recognizing the advantages of new technologies for their businesses and gain access to e-solutions they can brag about without internal development costs.

And the only question remains: "Is your e-Business in business?"

About XITEX Software:
XITEX Software is an international developer of e-Business solutions. XITEX specializes in providing a unique and powerful CMS, enabling organizations to achieve maximum impact and exposure from their content. 
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