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Introduce your company

To introduce your company to Xitex WebContent M1 Partnership you have to perform the following:

First of all fill out Partner Application Form on the page Become partner.
The next step is completion of a Partner Pre-qualification Summary and writing down an Action Plan (sales projection).
Once the above forms are reviewed, we will forward a Partnership Agreement for review and completion.

We review every business plan that is received and we aim to respond within 1-2 days. We receive different business plans, some of them addressing similar markets. As such, we maintain a policy of confidentiality and we endeavor to keep all submitted materials confidential to the fullest extent possible. We understand the time you have spent in creating your plan and appreciate your considering XITEX Software as a partner.

  Partner Pre-qualification Summary.

  • This is a standard application form. You can find it here

 Action Plan (sales projection).

  • Write down how you and your sales team will follow up successful sales;
  • Relate your activities to specific times and dates;
  • Formulate your sales strategy and tactics to achieve your sales success;
  • Strategize around strengths;
  • Analyze your potential;
  • Develop your tactics;
  • Measure your success.

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