M1.Multilingual module

Module M1.Multilingual module is meant for insertion into the template of a component for changing of the web site language. With the help of such component, the visitor of the web site, having chosen required language may switch the process of web-site look-up on this language.

Chose the type of module "M1.Multilingual".

Lines to infill:

  • Module name — name of which this module will be kept in the system.
  • Language list — list of languages for web-site switch.
  • Language — choice of a language for selected element "language N" in the list.
  • Label — explanatory inscription for the element "language N".
  • Image — graphical element for language choice.
  • Preview — review of the elements of language switch.
In order to bring into the list a new language, click Add. One more language line is to be appeared in the list.

Attributes for language switch elements

Entry attributes for each element of language switch. Â ïîëå ßçûê In field Language chose the language . In the line Inscription enter a text of inscription for language element.
In order to add graphical elements, you should do as follows:
  1. Click Change.
  2. A "site-tree" with resource list will appear on a display, with the help of which you can download required graphical resource.
  3. You can look any of elements by clicking Preview.
  4. Upon correction of the language list, you may delete unnecessary language element by means of key Delete.

Language elements displaying

  1. In lower part Languages block is you style of language elements displaying.
  2. If you need vertical location of elements, you have to move line codes to below field Language sell style.
  3. Tag <language> — information that was entry in Inscription line.
  4. Tag <image_alt> — tool tip organized by the system.
  5. Click OK.

When all necessary operations regarding module forming have been performed, you may click ÎÊ.

See also: Modules in Xitex WebContent M1, Creating of pages and acting with them