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Company Specialists / Employees (Authors)

In the globally competitive environments the companies are being challenged for the growing volume of information to be managed. We offer a consistent web content management system leading to prompt company’s success in the external and internal communications.

With an intuitive user interface and no design or HTML experience required, users quickly become familiar with Xitex WebContent M1 capabilties. Since all the presentation is controlled in the page templates, authors need not worry about design, which allows them to concentrate on their primary function of authoring content.

Content can either be entered directly into Xitex WebContent M1 or it can be written in familiar word processing packages such as Microsoft Word and then simply copied and pasted into a page.

Company Content Creators Benefits

1. Easy to Use Using Xitex WebContent M1’s intuitive multilingual interface, contributors can create new content right within the Web page, or incorporate existing content directly from Microsoft Office applications. No special technical skills are required.

2. WYSYWIG editor with Word like features

Xitex WebContent M1 packages with an intuitive "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get" (WYSIWYG) Microsoft Word style editor. The easy editor M1.Word has full authoring and editing capabilities (including the ability to bold, italicise, bullet, insert images, documents and hyper-links, etc.).

3. Browser-based, anywhere publishing

Being web-based means that no additional commercial software needs to be installed on your computer. The software can also be accessed from any Internet connected computer anywhere in the world, from work, at home or on the move.
4. Flexible workflow and approval processes Xitex WebContent M1 allows to define and implement the workflows that meet all content-development requirements, ensuring that those processes remain familiar and efficient, And, because Xitex WebContent M1 is browser-based, you can easily incorporate additional contributors into your workflows, for example, a representative of your distant office, or part-time employees.
5. Efficient internal communication system Integrated messaging system allows all users to communicate with each other users of Xitex WebContent M1. A user’s Messages tab gives them access to read, delete and create messages. Work together as a team. Multiple authors are sometimes responsible for the same content. Check In/Check Out prevents conflicting content updates by automatically locking pages while they are being edited. Check out the pages you're ready to edit to prevent others from accidentally overwriting your work.

6. Version/Site history and rollback

Xitex WebContent M1 stores all previous versions of your web pages maintaining a comprehensive audit history of who/when/what changes made. It allows you to compare any content versions of the archived Web-pages or if required for legal, archival, and force-majeure-recovery purposes. In addition, Xitex WebContent M1 allows you to rollback to previous alterations of web pages.

7. Searching and scheduling of content

The process of associating metadata to content allows the system user to bring back more accurate and relevant results from their search query. The application of search logic and meta description allow for more accurate searches every time.Also Xitex WebContent M1 allows for the timed publishing of content pages and articles. Also, every page and article can have an expiry date; this can be used to either archive the article or delete the article at a certain time and at a certain date. You’ll be specially notified about necessity of making changes to update your content.

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