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IT-Administrators / Web-Masters

Administrators have full control over user accounts and user roles. As many task-based user roles can be created as are needed, based on a pre-defined list of tasks within the system.

In addition you control general settings such as metadata fields, server paths, permitted file types and maximum file sizes.

Xitex WebContent M1 is founded on familiar and robust Microsoft technologies and can be deployed on non-production servers and behind corporate firewalls to maximize security.

Xitex WebContent M1 system would  have a strong and positive effect on the day-to-day work lives of your Web production team and Web content creators. Worth emphasizing the following technical benefits:

Technical Benefits

1. Centralized management

Combining centralized management and content storage your business operations and strategies will become united.

2. Integrate into existing infrastructure

Due to multi-platform Xitex WebContent M1 consolidates existing resources of the company,  easily integrates with other applications.

3. High level of security

Along with special coding of personal information, system envisages creation of specially protected area for the designated number of users. For the web-site personnel, the system of internal closed communication is provided.

4. Truly scalable architecture

Whatever your plans for the future you will be able to move forward seamlessly, extending your content and easily integrating new features.

5. Industry Standards

Xitex WebContent M1 leverages the power of the Java platform, without the complexity. Xitex WebContent M1 integrates with major Internet standards including Java 2, XML and Web Services, and can be deployed on a number of highly scalable and reliable Java 2 Application Servers.
6. Flexible content contributor options (user roles) Granular user permissions allow technology professionals to control not only the pages that each user can access, but also the features accessible to them. Denied features are automatically hidden. All Xitex WebContent M1 users have a username and password to access the system via their web browser. The site administrator determines which areas of the site each user has access to, and what actions they can perform. Also you can create permission settings on a group-by-group basis to regulate who can edit what and what types of changes they can make, since Xitex WebContent M1 provides detailed controls over text formatting, code generation, article publishing, etc.

7. Advanced content management features

Full-featured content management product on mid-range class based on robust technology providing excellent content management functionality out of the box, saving development time

Learn more about Xitex WebContent M1's entire content management feature set.

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