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Product Manuals

Below you can find a users and administators manuals for Xitex WebContent M1. It will be useful either with demo version or with your licensed copy of product. There are 2 versions of documentation format. The first is PDF, you can download it to your computer to learn it later or to read it as it is just from Internet. The second one is ZIP archive, it should be downloaded first onto your computer and then unpacked for the purpose of further reading. In-line documentation is available in PDF only.

The product manuals are designed for Xitex WebContent M1 version 1.7. In-line documentation is for version 1.8. Manuals for Xitex WebContent M1 1.8 will be available soon.

Product Manuals (version 1.8)

System Installation in PDF (0.41 Mb)...
Features: Overall Book in PDF (1.55 Mb)...
Quick Installation Guide in PDF (1.93 Mb)...
Online Start-up (will be available soon)
Administrator Guide to Action (will be available soon)
User Handbook (will be available soon)

Product Manuals (version 1.7)

Download Manual for Users in PDF (2.17 Mb)...
Download Manual for Users in ZIP (1.89 Mb)...

Download Manual for Administrators in PDF (1.62 Mb)...
Download Manual for Administrators in ZIP (1.42 Mb)...

Online help (version 1.8)

Online helpOnline help manual

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