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XITEX Software is pleased to write and gather white papers, tips and articles that help potential customers better understand how to use technology to further attainment of their goals and objectives.


Website Useful Tips


XITEX has garnered the attention of industry analysts and numerous public articles


Here you can find useful tips of search engine optimization and website usability

Affordable CMS tools How to Create a Website Yourself
Before you buy CMS Search Engine Math
Aspects of Intranet success Search Engine Optimization. Advanced
Why do you need CMS Search Engine Optimization. Basic
Why every web-site needs a CMS Search Engine Optimization. Linking
Don't start with technology Search Engine Optimization. Ranking
Find the expert Usability 101
Untagling web content management Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design
IT products alone can't build customers loyalty  Misconceptions About Usability
  White Papers Glossary
  To view the below white papers you need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader.   Definitions of the most frequent CMS-related words.
  Case for Java CMS
A content management system (CMS) is...
  Busines benefits vs CMS costs DHTML
Dynamic HTML enables to create basic...
  Looking to the future of CM Web Publishing 
"Web Publishing" is another name for ...
  Choosing a CMS Workflow
Workflow is the management of who exactly...
  CMS evaluation

What You See Is What You Get; "whizy-wig"...


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