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Advanced Features

Secure Access from Anywhere

All users of the Xitex WebContent M1 solution are provided with their own unique log-on and passwords. Access through authentication your site on Xitex WebContent M1 anywhere and at any time through a standard web browser. Click to enlarge the image

Integrated Message System

An in-built messaging system allows any user to communicate with other users of Xitex WebContent M1. A user’s Messages tab gives them access to read, delete and create messages. User can send messages to individuals, or all users within a site. A blinking icon in the toolbar gives notification of, and quick access to any unread messages.  You even can trace the time when the user has read a message which you sent him.

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All information within Xitex WebContent M1 can be searched upon. The process of associating metadata to content allows the system user to bring back more accurate and relevant results from their search query. The application of search logic and meta description allow for more accurate searches every time. Click to enlarge the image

Status Bar

The success of proceeded operations or your current operation is visualized as a useful hint in status bar. Click to enlarge the image

Quick Pages Filtering

Interactive method for determining the set of pages on the site. By default, all pages are shown, but it is possible to quickly determine a filter of pages to show. Click to enlarge the image

Integrated Help System

Get answers to all of your questions related to Xitex WebContent M1. The integrated help system even includes information on web terms and design techniques. Moreover, it's provided on all languages which your interface supports. Click to enlarge the image

Keyboard Shortcuts

Enhance your efficiency with familiar keyboard shortcuts for standard operations. Click to enlarge the image

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