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Handy WYSIWYG Editor

Seeing is believing with Xitex WebContent M1 visual content authoring interface. What users see in their editing environment is what they will get when published. Users have the ability to manipulate the arrangement, size, and look of content with the integrated WYSIWYG editor M1 Word. The structured data authoring conforms content to appear in a predefined structure output such as a press releases. All the essential items are included with the application. Click to enlarge the image

MS Word Integration

Xitex WebContent M1 content editor allows content from Microsoft Word and other HTML based file formats to be directly cut and pasted, or dragged and dropped into  M1 Word for simple, ease of use. Click to enlarge the image

Possibility of WYSIWYG and HTML Editing of Content

Xitex WebContent M1 packages with an intuitive "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get" (WYSIWYG) Microsoft Word style editor. The easy editor M1 Word has full authoring and editing capabilities (including the ability to bold, italicise, bullet, insert images, documents and hyper-links, etc.). The complicated parts can be also inserted into your web-page with direct HTML-editor which is in one click from M1 Word. Click to enlarge the image

Customizable WYSIWYG Editor’s Toolbar

Got habit of using MS Word toolbar? Within Xitex WebContent M1 you can customize its toolbar from simple to advanced form.

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Different Paste Modes

When pasting new content from somewhere you can use three different paste modes: directly from buffer – pastes exactly like it was while copying; paste as text – pastes just text without any formatting; paste from Word – pastes text copied from MS Word using predefined format. Click to enlarge the image

Formatting Changes

Except common formatting tools Xitex WebContent M1 provides you with the possibility of all tags deletion (formatting canceling) just in one click. You can also use Autoformat button when you wish to delete automatically the whole wrong code. Click to enlarge the image

Links Management

Quickly create links to web pages, documents, and e-mail addresses using the Insert Link button and Integrated Link dialog box. Xitex WebContent M1 supports linking to frames and section anchors with different targeting. You shouldn’t longer care about any broken links and images because of built-in procedures preventing their appearance.

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Table Creating/Editing

Xitex WebContent M1 includes full support for table creating and editing – including adding and deleting rows and columns, splitting and merging cells, etc. Click to enlarge the image

Easy Media Upload with Preview

Any Xitex WebContent M1 article may have images or files associated with it. Users simply browse their machine for the required file, and upload it. Xitex WebContent M1 will automatically rescale images if necessary, as well as generate thumbnail images. Depending on the templates used to display the article, associated files/images are displayed, or links produced to allow people to access the file. Click to enlarge the image

Image insertion

You have two ways of using image within your text content.
The first one is a direct uploading all of them as resources in a resource section and then insertion the proper image wherever and whenever you need. For this reason you should enter the “Resources” menu section and manage your resources.
The second one is when the image you need isn’t in a resources section located but on your computer’s hard disc or wherever in the Internet. For this reason you can insert such image directly in M1 Word just in one click. You just have to click the “Upload” button in the image insertion window, find the proper image then, specify the section where you want it to be uploaded, and then press OK. This image will automatically appear in your content. Moreover, it will be automatically uploaded onto your site. Simply, isn’t it?

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