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Web Designing

Powerful Template Editor

For separation of content from design the system of templates is used in Xitex WebContent M1. Content is edited and updated by authors and templates are prepared by web-coders. The special template editor will give the web-coders an enormous set of functions, wizard-based utilities, professional pop-up hints and helpers, multi-color tags, vast integrated help, tag autofinishing, etc. It makes any template creating or editing a pleasant and non-exhausting work.

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One Click Design Upload

Whether you wish to use design templates prepared in such Desktop Publishing System as Macromedia Dreamweaver you can upload them complexly, directly in zip format. Click to enlarge the image

Templates Versioning

Change your design easily every day. You can always rollback any template you wish just in one click and the whole site design changes immediately. Click to enlarge the image

Full-featured Set of Modules

We offer you a set of released modules, which are ready to be deployed. The usage of these modules will create an opportunity to fully automotize your site. Click to enlarge the image

An API Support

Because display logic can be written in any scripting language, developers can use the IDE that they already have, know, and trust. In addition, Xitex WebContent M1 provides a very simple, straightforward, and non-proprietary API to access both content and metadata from the database. This means that developers already know most of the techniques that they need to develop templates. We also provide sample code to illustrate subtleties and shortcuts.

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