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This module allows you extend the navigation facilities of your website (such as expanding menu etc.) using clear wizard interface. Once defined sections and pages the menu consists of it will be automatically renewed when any changes in this structure are made.


Whether you wish to create an automated menu on your website you can use M1.Menu module. It provides you with a wide spectrum of adjustment possibilities through the necessity of writing the menu-handling script by your own.


If you don’t satisfied with possibilities of menu appearance adjustment provided by M1.WizardMenu you can use this module. It allows you applying your own HTML code for the menu view so you can be sure that you create the navigation system which you exactly need.

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When you are in need making your site visitors able to perform search by a keyword throughout all the pages you should use this module. It provides you with a simple search form appearance of which you can adjust both by a wizard and HTML simultaneity.

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If your site tree has rapidly expanded an easy navigation becomes as the key factor of a visitor’s satisfaction. With the help of this module your visitors will always know in what part of a site tree they are now. Besides, it automatically scans all the changes within the site structure, so all you have to do is just to create it.

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Have you ever thought that the most of site’s visitors always begin the surfing from a sitemap? It’s certainly handy enough especially if the site counts several hundreds of pages. With this module you can build automated sitemap of your site which will trace and take into account all your changes.


Interface Components


Whether you wish to post your latest news on your main page or somewhere else the module M1.SmartNewsline can help. It will take a brief summary from a page attributes and organize its view due to your preferences. All adjustments are mostly to be made by a wizard and some through HTML coding.


This module is more powerful for newsline creating than M1.SmartNewsline, though it requires you to write your own newsline handler script.

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Sometimes the necessity of posting some article’s attributes e.g. caption, author etc. somewhere on the page arises. For this reason you are provided with the wizard-mode module M1.Header.

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Whether your site multilingual is it should have the language switching tool which allows visitors changing the language of the site in one click at any page. This module provides you with such switcher at any language realization of your site. Besides it has flexible tools for its appearance adjustment.


With this module you can allow your site’s visitors navigate your news section. The appearance if the module is calendar with highlighted dates. Once a date is highlighted any visitor can browse all news nearby this date simply by clicking it.


When you are in need of organizing a photo gallery somewhere on your website you can use this module. The output is typical thumbnails row of all pictures within defined section. Just entered several parameters you receive your own image gallery.


Information Exchange


This will allow you to place any banner onto your webpage. Doing it such way makes banner management much easier because you store the banner system code within the named module but not within the template source code.

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Sometimes you may need to show several banners on your pages with the same amount of shows. The module M1.Rotation performs automatic changes of listed banners, so you can be sure that every one of them is shown equally.


On your web-site you can organize the inquiry of guests in accordance with early prepared list of questions. And the guest – having filled the form with these questions – is sending it to one or several defined addresses by means of clicking the key.

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This module is mostly similar to M1.Feedback. The difference is that it doesn’t allow you sending results to multiple addresses. All submitted forms can be viewed only with the module key “data” at the backoffice of your site.


For effective carrying out of marketing research you can organize guests forum on the web-site regarding different issues. And at that, the forum will be carried out online. That means that percentage of votes for and against as for this issue will be clear just in the process of forum.

M1.Forum 2

For the more advanced forum services M1.Forum 2 was built. It performs administrative functions (administrator and moderator roles), much friendly interface and has much more common with modern discussion forums than M1.Forum.

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Pages printing and mailing


When printing page right from Internet Explorer it’s too hard to adjust its right appearance. For this reason you can use this module for each page you wish in order to allow your visitors print just content but not the whole page.

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Guests of your site can desire to send the page which they liked or just the link by e-mail. Just setup this component onto your website. Click to enlarge the image


For visitors you can arrange the subscription for last publications of news and other information. This module provides you with a typical subscription form for this reason.

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