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CMS Customers Success

XITEX Software productively cooperates with different companies worldwide, representing a variety of industries, achieve their goals and communicate effectively with their customers, employees, partners, and vendors.

Collanos Software AG

"Enhancing Collanos's site with Xitex WebContent M1 technology has enabled us to keep the site active and perfectly dynamic. Our marketing managers update it every few days rather than every few months quickly and easily without in-depth HTML-experience. We are extremely proud of our Web site and Web team productivity and would recommend this product to others who need a professional, reliable and reasonably priced solution to web management."

Franco Dal Molin, CEO
Collanos Software AG

"I have a feeling that our business has risen one level up in one of its compounds. It is the new Xitex WebContent M1 that allowed us to better understand our customers, their behavior on our site, effectively evaluate the results of our advertising campaigns. All I knew before was the number and the origin of our users. And now it seems to me that I can see our customers, understand what they like and what they do not like here. It is also extremely important that this system allows us to solve all the problems related to maintaining the site, its forums, newsletter lists, polls, user technical support, etc. We are really glad that the XITEX Software offered us this new solution enabling our business to grow larger."

Dmitry Abramov, CIO

"Xitex WebContent M1 really turned out to be the solution of our problems. On the one hand, it made dealing with current and strategic tasks considerably easier: from the effective arrangement of information at our site and the maintenance of mailing lists to the creation of closed sections for target groups (partners) and communication with them. On the other hand, we got a powerful mechanism for evaluating the effectiveness of our activities. Now each advertising campaign, newsletter or promo action at our site can be thoroughly studied taking into account the amount and quality of the audience and the return of the expenses. We believe that we are constantly improving our business and relations with our customers and we are doing it with Xitex WebContent M1."


"Xitex WebContent M1 on-demand delivery model, intuitive interface, and flexibility was a good match for our needs. The solution is helping us to achieve the organization-wide visibility and coordination that is critical to our success."

ATHLETIC Fitness-Club

"The beauty of Xitex WebContent M1 is that you need to be a business person, not an IT person, to make CMS a success. It is a business tool for business people; we can improve forecast accuracy and sales effectiveness without worrying about database synchronization, extensive training requirements, and ongoing maintenance expenses."

Julia Solomaha, President
JSC "EUE Sarepta-mediplast"

"UFW-BANK selected Xitex WebContent M1 as the best platform for content management and rapid development for our corporate Internet and intranet primarily because it offered such a rich and extensible environment that enabled us to continue using the technology and skills we had already invested in. With a small Web team and a fast-growing user base for our sites, Xitex WebContent M1 offered us the tool to do a lot more work with the same number of workers, and do it more quickly, more consistently, more securely, and more feature-rich."

 Deputy Chairman of Board,

"Xitex WebContent M1 has exceeded our expectations as a Web Content Management Tool - implementation has allowed us to very quickly build a new site with an automated menu system.  First impressions from the users are that it will be very easy for them to keep their content up to date. The newly released intranet provides full content management capabilities for the various contributors within the Department, allowing them to focus on the development of content, rather than the technology in having it displayed."


"We needed a CMS solution but doesn't want to be bogged down with a timely and costly implementation. Xitex WebContent M1 allows us to devote executive attention to new opportunities and core business activities rather than wasting resources on solving IT problems."

Eugen Mytcikov, Director
IPC "New Century"

"The Xitex WebContent M1 solution allowed us to create and manage an attractive site that is easy to maintain, has user-friendly features, and the flexibility to design and create web pages that meet a variety of presentation requirements."

Oleg Rybin, Assistant
Bit Style

"Bit-Style's number one priority is customer service, it was imperative that we chose a flexible system that would allow us to combine customer service and support, marketing, and sales data to deliver a unified picture on how we are doing as a company. Xitex WebContent M1 provides us with the scalability, remote capability, and flexibility that we need."

Bit-Style Ltd.

"After an extensive review of competing solutions, we found Xitex WebContent M1 to offer the greatest number of features to meet our current and future needs with the lowest point of entry."

Dmitry Zaitsev, Director
JSC "Sarepta"

"We were very pleased with Xitex WebContent M1 when we first implemented it...and our experience since upgrading has strengthened this view. It was heartening to see many of the additional features that we had requested...it has also been a pleasant surprise to note other features...which have made the webmaster's jobs much easier!"

Donetsk Regional Centre For Maternity and Child Care

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