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7 Reasons to Choose Xitex WebContent M1

Increasingly your sustainable business success is interrelated with the web-efficiency. In this respect we are purposed to provide you with an outstanding level of knowledge regarding content management software Xitex WebContent M1, best practice solutions and commitment to excellence. We encourage you to explore Xitex WebContent M1 site sections, where you obtain comprehensive answers directed to your needs and requirements.  

To distinguish the most remarkable benefits please rate the next 7 reasons:

1. Unlimited drive of the company data to Web-Portal

Xitex WebContent M1 makes it easy to contribute and manage all types of company content, whether these are documents, texts, images, video or digital assets. Content can be created in familiar programs such as Microsoft Word, or uploaded from directly within Windows Explorer. You are in control of your web-content from any place and any time required.

2. Create web-site in 1-2 days and/or Update of Web-Site in 1-2 minutes

Thanks to the high functionality of the system Xitex WebContent M1 your company will be able to build and deploy exciting powerful web-sites in unprecedented time. With Xitex WebContent M1 putting topical announcements and news of the company become so easy and quick that your web-site would contain a wealth of updated information for your existent and potential clients.

3. Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Designed with the end user in mind, you knowledge staff in accounting, HR, logistics, marketing, sales other departments can use our system, without any special training or technical knowledge. No HTML or programming skills required.

4. Easy to Install & Integrate

Installing Xitex WebContent M1 system is a simple and quick process. Our system has the installation guidance that brings you through the required several steps.

5. Improve Collaboration among Staff (at one or multiple locations)

Executives and employees are empowered to create, publish, and manage their own web-content. This enables employees to realize the full potential and value of web-sites by using them instantly and easily as the communication tool. Also the transition period for new staff would be both  pleasant and quick

6. Empowered Content and Collaboration with Partners & Customers

Xitex WebContent M1 significantly facilitates the communication process for customers, partners, and co-workers.  Your visitors will be satisfied with updated product presentations and descriptions as well as fresh image announcements. These web marketing efforts are consequently turning your visitors into customers, and leading customers to greater level of loyalty.

7. Full-Featured Web Content Management System

Xitex WebContent M1 is a highly technological product providing multiple functions. Our clients and partners win twice: we propose mid-range segment solution priced as low segment one. Now you have a possibility to receive an advanced web content management solution at affordable price.

additionally please prioritize and discuss 5 top reasons for your company by Contact Us.


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