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Do I need a CMS

Here are top 10 questions which can help you to find out whether you need a Web Content Management System. Just answer “Yes” or “No” in order to realize your demands to your company’s workflow and its Web site management process.

1. Does your site have more than a few hundred pages?

With Xitex WebContent M1 it is much easier to create, edit and publish pages onto your Web site. You can update content quickly in several clicks and even schedule it, so you don’t need to waste your nerves on remembering all pages’ maturity dates.

2. Do you spend too much resource (money, time etc.) on investing into IT maintenance of your site?

Our product lets you reduce your IT expenses and empower your marketing, sales or other staff to maintain on their own all content they produce. Besides, you can delegate them only specific rights of creating, editing and publishing in order to be sure that the right person manages the right content in a right time.

3. Are you planning to launch new or improve existing site?

With Xitex WebContent M1 the Web site launch process becomes easy, quick and exciting. You can prepare design manually or use special software such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, MS FrontPage etc. However you will be surprised how quickly you can redesign, or upload complex site projects. It becomes as easy, as one mouse click.

4. Do you update your site’s content daily or once in a few days?

Xitex WebContent M1 makes it easy not only updating content ones a day but even updating it in 2 minutes. Even your coffee pot will be much slower now.

5. Are you upset seeing sometimes broken links and images throughout your site?

From now our product will care about all removed pages and resources. Xitex WebContent M1 automatically reviews all links and blocks those which lead to not existing pages. So you’re always sure, that no one from your visitors is seeing the 404 Page or irritating empty image fields.

6. Is your copyrighter team dispersed through a wide area?

You do not have to worry about that because Xitex WebContent M1 provides you with a possibility of managing content from any place you can. The only things you need are the Internet access and browser. Besides, you can be sure about the safety of information because of our product’s SSL support.

7. Do you want to provide some of your visitors with the access to hidden information in a “member zone”?

Xitex WebContent M1 allows you to maintain a member zone on your Web site. So, you are able to permit some of your clients achieve specific information which is hidden to other visitors.

8. Do you wish to turn your site into a powerful instrument of market research?

As Xitex WebContent M1 an out-of-the-box CMS is, it provides you with numerous modules you can use on your Web site. Here are some of them: forums, questionnaires, search tools, newslines etc. So, you bring more interactivity and functionality onto your Web site as well, as establish real time communication between you and your clients.

9. Do you have to manage numerous editors and wish to improve their collaboration and productivity?

Our product provides you with a powerful management tool through which you can manage the access of all your editors to specific pages. Besides, you can demand the approval of all content changes by empowered persons before publishing. This certainly will increase each team member’s responsiveness and highly improve their productivity. Besides, you’ll establish strong collaborative relationships among your staff.

10. Do you wish to bring to your company an additional value amongst others and highly increase your customers’ loyalty?

With the help of Xitex WebContent M1 you are able to give your site a unique appearance which definitely makes its visitors spend much more time browsing it. Providing them with communication features and handy interface you can be sure that many of them come back and willingly become your clients.

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