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System Technology

Xitex WebContent M1 is developed for Java 2 platform (J2SE) and it uses MySQL for data storage. Java 2 makes the product very powerful and effective! Our CMS is scalable, operational system independable, and reliable.

The system works on different hardware mostly together with all OS: Win*, Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS, Solaris etc.

Our product provides thin light-weight client based on pure HTML and Java-script for browser. All of the application components, except the browser-side client, reside on the application server, allowing for cost effective and wide scale deployment.

Xitex WebContent M1 supports easy contribution and management of all types of enterprise content, whether it be documents, web content, images, or rich media. Content can be created in familiar programs such as Microsoft Word, or uploaded from directly within Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The diagram below, along with subsequent high-level component discussions, provides a high-level technical overview of a minimal Xitex WebContent M1 deployment. As is typical of dynamic Web applications, the primary components include:

  • an application server;
  • a database server;
  • a Web-server.

Architecture of Xitex WebContent M1

Database Server may reside on the same machine as the application server or may be located on a dedicated server.

Main constituents of the system:

  • customizable user interface;
  • engine of the system;
  • database engine;
  • plugged modules.

Would you take into account, that you have not to buy extra expensive software, which you may need for solutions on Microsoft basis? System requirements for our CMS can be found here.
It is not necessary for Xitex WebContent M1 to use dedicated server. You can use the system on virtual hosting. A lot of hosting providers support Software, which is required for Xitex WebContent M1 installation and work. Short list of providers (more than 150), which support J2SE+Servlets+JSP can be obtained by your request.

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