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The Web site of your company is a key marketing tool that can dynamically promote your proposals and communicate your organization's unique value. An internet presence can highlight your experience, core values, and products and services to potential customers across the globe, who can access it anytime, anywhere as long as they have Web access.

For many companies, however, the prospect of developing and maintaining a professional-looking, up-to-date Web site is a daunting and expensive proposition. The fear is that you need to purchase very expensive software and hire a staff of technical professionals.

Xitex WebContent M1 solutions are elaborated to differ. We offer all of the features available with much more expensive systems at a fraction of the cost. What's more, you don't need an army of technicians to implement it. We accomplish systems that are simple to install, learn, and use.

A key component of Xitex WebContent M1 is the ability of non-technical users to create and modify content thanks to an intuitive interface. First, the user logs in to a special edit mode, then navigates to the page containing the content that needs updating. Next, the content appears within our  browser-based editor, which resembles a popular word processor and so is immediately familiar. When the user saves the content, it can be published immediately or go through an approval process, allowing you total control over your Web site’s content.

We can help you develop a site  full of information of interest to your customers, such as

  1. company overview and values;
  2. products and services;
  3. list of completed projects;
  4. investor info;
  5. news and announcements; other relevant sections and materials.

These days, to stay competitive, the internet presence is a must. Xitex WebContent M1 can help you achieve that goal quickly, easily and affordably.

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