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Transportation and Travel

As more and more customers have begun to research and complete their business and personal travel plans on-line, travel-related enterprises have realized the need for robust Web properties that support these information requirements. At the same time, travel costs continue to escalate, and the competition between carriers has become keener than ever. Therefore, transportation-related organizations are depending on their Internet presence to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and solidify long-term customer relationships.

Airline and travel sites share the need to get content on the Web from across their organizations, in an easy and timely fashion. Interwoven has helped numerous travel-related companies to create and launch rich, user-friendly Web initiatives, from intranets to portals and beyond. With the help of Xitex WebContent M1, these organizations are delivering a compelling customer experience based on the most up-to-date content, efficiently managing their global customer relationships, and maximizing their resources.

The problem is, developing and maintaining a Web site can be an expensive process. Certainly you can obtain the simple static site, but your visitors will suffer from insufficiency and non-actuality of provided information, and it means a lot of lost opportunities in business.  

To prevent it you can use the content management system Xitex WebContent M1 that facilitates the process of creation and maintenance of the dynamic, attractive and information-full web-site. Your staff will be able to easily create or change information on pages. The page could be published immediately or go through a chain of approval, depending upon the set of rights you will set. In any case, the help of technical staff is not required.

Multilingual Capabilities

Hotels and airline companies usually deal with international clients, that is why content in several languages will have a great value for you, you will estimate the multilingual capabilities of Xitex WebContent M1 at its true worth. Visitor will just choose a language, and web-site appears in that language.

When your staff needs to update the page, they log in, navigate to it, and check out the content for editing. There, they see the text in several languages and update what is needed. So, for example, one user could update the English version of a content block then submit the updated content to and notify a second user, who is fluent in French. The second user updates the French version of the content part.

Creating and updating information in several languages will be much easier.

As you see with Xitex WebContent M1 your information will always be up-to-date, and you will always be a step ahead of your competitors.

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