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The insurance industry faces continued margin pressure in both consumer and commercial operations as advances in technology threaten to commoditize service offerings. As a result, leading insurance providers continue to seek new ways to reduce operational costs by improving the efficiency of service delivery while increasing overall system security to meet growing demand for improved information privacy and safety. In this industry with a long history of content management leadership, XITEX products are already being recognized for their ability to rapidly reduce the costs related to accessing, storing, and sharing all types of insurance related file information.


Although most insurance providers have used enterprise content management systems for years, these applications have typically been available to just a fraction of employees due to their high cost and complexity. For underwriters, customer service representatives and agents desiring secure file sharing across any network configuration, the Xitex WebContent M1 is an ideal solution. Each participant can access the system from their PC making adding new content to the corporate website.


A key success factor to reducing the costs related to underwriting and processing insurance claims is the ability of new CMS to be quickly understood and used by all process participants, otherwise paper-based forms and procedures will not easily be disposed of. The Xitex WebContent M1 already supports transparent document access


Recent insurance industry consolidation has produced a collection of multinational providers more dependent than ever upon Internet based technologies that can help them bridge the distance and time between participants in their business processes. The Xitex WebContent M1 was developed from the beginning to support multiple languages with its multi-byte code base permitting a single instance of a document to be represented in multiple languages at the same time. Changes made by content collaborators can also be represented in each participant’s language ensuring that even a global underwriting process still has everyone on the "same page". Coupled with today’s high speed networks, multinational insurers can now truly create a global corporate websites that connects all participants, eliminates document redundancy, and improves access to and re-use of core business content saving countless hours of employee effort.


According to industry experts, web content consolidation remains one of the top cost saving objectives of leading insurance provider IT departments. Consolidation of content not only reduces maintenance costs, but it also frees valuable technical talent to work on higher value-added projects that can improve organization effectiveness.


Today’s insurance industry can be characterized by a high level of interdependency between insurers, brokerage networks, underwriters and related financial service providers. More and more, these organizations are seeking secure and cost efficient means to leverage their relationships via the Internet in order to accelerate the business process and improve competitiveness. Today, Xitex WebContent M1 enables secure exchange of information between insurers and re-insurers using SSL encrypted connections to protect transmissions between process participants. System access is protected via username and password validation against each participants own directory service ensuring that only approved participants gain access. In addition, access permissions are employed to limit read, write, and share permissions based upon each participant’s role, reducing even further the opportunity for error and waste.
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