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Advanced site statistics

Having a website is not enough to make profits. You should have a good visitors’ traffic in order to achieve your clients quantity increasing. But how can you find out how your site works if not with the help of statistics?

Xitex WebContent M1 provides you with a statistical system which helps you not just to see how much visitors you have but to adjust your marketing campaigns as well. For this reason you have two statistical reports.

The first one is simple. Here you can find out how many visitors have seen a certain page or section, you’ll know what web browser and operation system they use. You even can find out the country of their location and IP addresses. As an object of your interest there also can be the average visiting time and average page viewing time.

The advanced statistics is more powerful tool for your marketing strategy development. Here you can see the average path of movement on your website as well as the total path of every visitor you wish. Also there is information about all visitors IP addresses and their domain names dates and times of their visits and even how long each user stayed on the site.

You even can see top 20 visitors the quantity of their hits and visits, visitors according to language and from where they come to your site. So, you can properly adjust your banners and links policy.

An interesting data could be the table of the time of visits where you can see the percentage of visits of different duration.

And of course there is the statistics about all visits, unique visitors, their visits and number of visited pages.

Needless to say, that all data in all tables has its absolute values as well as percentage.

The next version of Xitex WebContent M1 is planned to have a more powerful statistical system which will include numerous additional parameters and even plot graphics and diagrams.

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Basic site's statistics

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Advanced site's statistics

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