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Global administrators & users management

As a site administrator you have a right to create new users and assign them rights of creating, editing, publishing or removal any content, section, resource, template or module.

Primarily there are several predefined roles within the system such as site administrator, section administrator, author, editor, webmaster etc. But you can expand or reduce the rights of a certain user under the certain role. The matter is that you firstly create new user and assign him a predefined system role but them you may edit his rights as you need for the proper workflow. To create new user you just go to the “Users” menu section and press the “Add” button, then fill in all required fields, upload its photo if you wish and press OK. New user is ready to work.

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Users list

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New user creation

You can also set up a certain time period when this user will have his rights, i.e. its expiration date. You also can disable any user you wish without his removal from the system.

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User validity period defining

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Temporary user disabling

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User rights management

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