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HTML-code editor’s overview

Once you have created a new template you should customize its design, i.e. write down an HTML code for it.

Xitex WebContent M1 provides you with a powerful tag editor with the help of which you can enter the code of the whole your site design. You can adjust the code view, you can view the page in a browser right from editor, you can automatically insert links, images, Xitex WebContent M1 pluggable modules and other rich media, define editable regions and much more.

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Right click tag menu

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Color choice

You are provided also with a handy toolbar and hotkeys in order to make your work within the editor more comfortable. You can perform the search within the document code and replace whatever you need.

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Image insertion

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Keyboard shortcuts

With no doubt this editor will be a good helper for those who prefer write down the page’s code manually.

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