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Resources management

Web content can never be only as text. It can also be images, sounds, applets, video, pdf-files etc. – files of different types called resources.

In order to make your work with them more comfortable you can assign a section with subsections for them. This makes you always sure where the needed file is. All images could be viewed on your pages only if they are on your site located. And the common reason of the broken images problem is that the person responsible for content creation writes down the wrong paths for them.

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Resource insertion
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Image upload
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Resource upload

Xitex WebContent M1 never allows such problem arising. The reason is in an image insertion process performed by the system. It has two variants. The first one is to upload all your images on the site as resources and then automatically insert them to the text content. The second one is when the image you need isn’t located as resource on your site. You can easily find it on your computer and Xitex WebContent M1 automatically uploads it to the resource section. This makes you able to insert the proper image whenever you need.

The uploading tool is very simple and common to any dialog window you see when you wish to attach a file you your email letter.

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