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Handy interface

The interface of Xitex WebContent M1 was developed to be used without any difficulties by any person. It’s logical enough and clear to every person familiar with web browser.

The layout is divided into three sections. The first one is the tabs section. It’s the main menu of the system. When clicked on one of the tabs a submenu appears under it. Main tabs are big and easy to find. So, this section is aimed to perform navigation within the Xitex WebContent M1.

The second one is the set of action buttons on the left side of your window. When you wish to add, edit, view or delete the page, see its history and much more else you just select the page/section you need and go to this section. You reach the action just in one click without bothering popup menus etc.

The third section is the main part of Xitex WebContent M1 interface and it provides you with the graphical appearance of any menu section you have selected. It can consist of one or several windows with pages, sections or templates lists, site tree and any other part of your site you can edit. The most of lists in Xitex WebContent M1 are based on checkboxes, so you can always be sure that you selected the right object for adjustment.

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System interface

Click to enlarge the image
System interface

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