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Site structure management

For the proper and logical navigation within your site the site tree building is highly recommended. That means that you divide all your pages into sections of the main theme. That makes you locate the proper page faster and makes your site’s visitors clear about where they are now.

For this reason you should make the site tree of sections and subsections within the root section. You just enter the sections submenu of the site menu and click “Create” button. After that you can name new section, define its position in the menu and even assign the section administrator.

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New section creation

For the appropriate URL name you can define the name of your section. This name will serve as a path to the section. For example, defining URL name “company” for the new section of the domain http://www.mydomain.com/ will automatically create the URL http://www.mydomain.com/company/. Definitely, such name will be more pleasant for your visitors and search engines than a junk set of illogical symbols.

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Friendly URL creation

You can also make the section visible or not for the site’s visitors as well as you can protect it created an extranet zone for only authorized visitors as well as assign rights for browsing/editing different pages/sections for system users.

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